The Impact of DIY Solutions on the Residential Security Market

The Impact of DIY Solutions on the Residential Security Market

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  • Category Aerospace & Defense
  • No. of Pages 40
  • Publication On Aug 2018
  • Publisher Name Parks Associates
The purpose of this report is to inform companies about threats to U.S. professionally installed, professionally monitored alarm companies in the next 3-5 years. Specifically, it seeks to understand the potential impact of various competing DIY solutions on the monitored security industry. The report surveys DIY solutions and provides profiles of key DIY and traditional solution players and a forecast of DIY security hardware and subscription revenue.
Report Summary
1.0 Purpose of Report
1.1 Key Burning Questions Addressed by this Research
1.2 Research Approach/Sources
2.0 DIY Applications in Residential Security
2.1 Definition of Do-It-Yourself Security Solutions
2.2 Professionally Installed, Pro-Monitored Systems
2.3 Traditional Self-Installed, Pro-Monitored Systems
2.4 New Self-Installed, Optional/Hybrid Monitoring Systems
2.5 DIY Smart Products
3.0 Impact of DIY on Professional Monitoring
3.1 Impact on the Number of Professional-Monitoring Subscribers
3.2 Impact on Recurring Monthly Revenue
3.3 Impact on the Value Chain Revenue Split
4.0 Strategic Opportunities
4.1 Seize Growth Opportunities
4.2 Differentiate through New Business Models
4.3 Leverage Technology to Differentiate and Drive Cost Down
5.0 Forecast
5.1 Professional Monitoring by Installation Method
5.2 Self-Monitoring by Installation Method
6.0 Appendix: Glossary, Index
6.1 Glossary
6.2 Index

List of Figures

Home Security System Ownership
DIY Security Solutions
Positioning of Security Systems and Devices
Impact of DIY Security Solutions on Existing Monitoring Subscribers
Statement True of DIY Security Systems in 2017 from Security Dealers
Reason that Consumers Chose to Install their Security System Themselves
Protect America Product Offerings and Pricing
Frontpoint Product Offerings and Pricing
Type of Security System Consumers Intend to Purchase
Price Sensitivity of BB Households That Do Not Own a Security System
Purchase Channel for DIY Security Systems
SimpliSafe Product Offering and Pricing
Main Purchase Drivers for Smart Home Products
Disruptive Technology (from The Innovators Dilemma)
Likelihood of Remote Notification Driving Professional Monitoring Cancellations
Likelihood of Adding Professional Monitoring to Smart Smoke Detectors
Impact of Trends on Security Subscribers
Incremental RMR for Add-on Services
Impact of Upfront Fees, Recurring Fees, and Contract Length on Preference
Competitive Metrics - National/Regional/Local
Forecast of Professionally Monitored Households by Installation (2018-2022)
Forecast of Self-Monitored Security Installation Method (2018-2022)


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