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Please read the terms and conditions of Report Sellers carefully prior to making any transaction. The term used in the agreement will refer to following; “Report Sellers”, “us”, “our” or “we” will refer to the owner of the website and “you” or “your” will refer to the person accessing or registering on the website.

You are agreeing and obligated by our terms & conditions if you are browsing the website or becoming a partner with us by registering through our website or accessing any data available on our website. While registering, please read our Privacy Policy carefully. We are allowing you to download or access or to browse the data available on our website but this shall restrict you to use any of the content to your personal use only. The agreement restrains you from reselling of any content; downloading or copying any information and using it for any commercial use or selling it to other merchants; or using any automated scraping, data mining or similar tools to gather or extracting information. You shall not use the logo, graphics or trademarks affiliated with Report Sellers without any written consent provided by us.

The products available on reportsellers.com have been properly described and priced. However, we will not be able to warrant the accuracy, reliability or error-free editing of any of this content. If any product is purchase on website or through our company, this will comply that you are agreeing with the terms and condition and privacy policy of our company. Any purchase that you make on our website will restrict you from reselling or copying product or any part of the product. Report Sellers has no liability whatsoever over the quality and accuracy of the content as the product has been designed to sell from the third-party sellers, our company acts as a mediator in the purchase between the publishers and you.

If you wish to buy any product on our website, we demand you to make the payment in full immediately to complete the order process. You will be provided with the invoice soon after the payment which you can further refer for the shipping details. The product will not be dispatched unless the complete payment has been made. After we receive the complete payment from your side, we will arrange for the report coordinating with the publisher. All reports will be emailed or provided to you online within the span of 48 – 72 working hours or the physical copy will be shipped to you in case you ordered for the hardcopy. In that case, extra shipping cost will be charged in addition to the purchase price subjected to your location address.

We would like to clarify that it will not be possible for us to cancel your order after all the formalities are finished regarding the purchase. It is also not possible for us to return the product due to the nature of product and services we offer. For any delay or failure arose due to reason affiliated with causes beyond our control, we will not be able to take the responsibility of such situations.

Any unauthorized use of any of the above defined rights will result in immediate termination of contract or license granted to you by Report Sellers.

You hereby agree to the laws of Republic of India to govern the terms and conditions and privacy policy while using Report Sellers products and services.